Reviews & Case Studies

When it came time to sell my long awaited debut solo jazz album “At Last” we were not sure if we would be able to get a real-life distribution deal so selling online from my website was the way forward.  To be honest, I had to be talked into offering an MP3 version as I don’t think they are great quality sound, but my sister Nicola (rather deaf, it must be said!) convinced me that some people want instant gratification so we should at least offer the option.  We went with MP3, CD or a combined package of both.

She has been using Total Business Cart in her various businesses for years and knew how it could all work.  It didn’t take long to set up Total Business Cart to integrate with my PayPal account, autoresponders to fire off thank you messages, set up digital products, etc.

If someone chooses on the page just to buy the MP3 or CD, the cross-sell feature in the cart offers them other options at the point of purchase too, so we get a second chance at a bigger buying decision.  I love the way you can upload pictures to the Cart too.

One of the first things we did was to mail my old list a few times, offering them a great gift of some exclusive videos, which they accessed by opting into my new Cart, via a private page on my website.

Then we set up a general signup box for my mailing list, both on the sidebar and integrated into a lightbox pop-up.  We are giving away a bonus unreleased track to subscribers to encourage them and they receive the link to download that once they have confirmed their interest.

Once live, I sent out a few emails to my old list and new, alerted my Twitter followers and Facebook friends and likes, and the sales started to come in.  It’s all totally automated apart from posting the CD’s.

My only challenge now is to read the emails carefully and make sure I don’t send out physical CD’s when people order MP3′s – don’t laugh, it did happen once!

Heather Cairncross, Jazz Singer 


“When I hunted for an online shopping cart system for my Website, I wanted all the advanced features at a reasonable price, all in one place. So far, is the only system that meets my needs. There’s no other shopping cart system on earth I’d ever consider using after trying totalbusinesscart.”

- Bart Smith, President



“Just a note to say your new software is terrific. You can literally launch a new business in one hour with it – including an associate program, follow up autoresponders, and everything else you need.”

- Marlon Sanders


“Well! This is the best shopping cart system I have EVER used! Yes, it did take me 2 hours to set up – but that’s because I had to set up my catalogue pages on my website from scratch (not a hassle). I can’t believe the sheer simplicity of the system! As a home based business this has allowed me simply to have the bare minimum yet do it with the security and integrated look of the ‘big players’ … I’m SO impressed.”

- Gayle Howard, Top Margin


“My sales increased by 150% in one month by using just ONE of the tools. This system helps anyone who can point and click to create, promote and track an online marketing system that produces sales… not just promises. Their tech support staff is friendly and helpful!”

- Jim Edwards


“I especially like it that I can now send people to a product-specific thank-you page. I’m sending buyers of my manual there to get instant access and I really thing that will increase customer satisfaction. The little changes on the Tracking page (being able to change the name of the campaign) make it easier to track and organize things. Keep up the good work!

- Robert Middleton, Action Plan Marketing

“This system has made me a hero with my customers. Not a week goes by that I don’t get at least one letter from another happy customer. If only they know that the real secret to my friendly follow-up and caring attitude is your system. It talks to my customers and prospects, even when I don’t show up for work!”

- Jim Daniels


“Using, we saved $1,249.85 annually on our previous list server, Affiliate System, Sales Manager/Organizer, and Shopping Cart/E-Commerce packages! Those products cost more but contained significantly less features and functionality than We spent $1,400 for a shopping cart program that we could never master nor find anyone to integrate it into our web site. If you are serious about generating cash flow, you need Sterling job!”

- Nate & Sandra Robinson


“Finally someone has invented an all-in-one Internet marketing toolbox that does absolutely everything an intelligent webmaster needs in one easy to use package…”

- Terry Dean


“Your system is far more than just a shopping cart. It’s a complete sales management system. I feel confident that when we get our new market trading training sales site set up, your system will help us make allot more money on the Web”

- Bob McCullough, Founder Liberty Research Corporation


“I like the setup, it is simple, and even in just this one week, sales have improved. I would never have believed this was going to make such a difference!”

- Judith Mattart

“I just wanted to say THANKS for your efforts in building a first rate shopping cart (do everything) package. We recently spent over $100,000 on custom programming for our “old” affiliate program software. Unfortunately, the bugs and problems that we experienced ultimately became the downfall of our project. I recently stumbled onto your package and WOW! It does everything that we wanted our custom software to do and MORE! Not to mention, with your package, NO BUGS! It makes me ill to think how much money we wasted for a product of so much lesser value! You guys are Life Savers … Thanks a Million!”

- Robert Kuntz, Business Opportunity Magazine



“I’ve been in the marketing business for over 20 years. I’ve never seen a system that is so powerful and easy to use as It is DEFINITELY my smartest marketing tool of online!”

- Dale Davis

“Bravo! Well said, though I must say, I have been pleased with your service from top to bottom. Thank you for continuing to strive for ever continuous improvement. Your company is excellent.”

- Will Kelman, Health Signal, Inc.

“Thanks – I guess Customer Service is just as good as your application, why should that surprise me … I’ve spent many hours evaluating shopping carts but yours is by far the easiest to use and has customer service that actually responds to you in the same day (within hours). Keep it up!!”

- Alan Darty

“Just when you think service can’t get any better, it does. Can’t wait to see what else you guys have up your sleeve!”

- Kristiina Rauch

“Being new to e-commerce, our publishing company had problems finding a shopping cart system that was easy to set up, easy to use, and that integrated perfectly with our online credit card processing company. solved our problem in a matter of minutes. We are now on our way toward e-commerce success. Thanks to”

- Herman (Sonny) Moniz

“Thank you so much for helping us to improve and grow our business. The use of an advanced shopping cart like has an immeasurable value. Your technical support and guidance during set up was greatly appreciated. With the complexity of several of our products we appreciated your willingness to assist us and help us make everything work the way we envisioned.”

- Karen M. Guerra, McMillan Analysis Corp.

“Just when I think the folks at have given us all the tools they can they top themselves and add even more value to their system. has saved us so much time and money it’s incredible. We simply couldn’t run our business without it.”

- Bret Ridgway, President

“ offers more features and better value than any other online order processing service I’ve found. I use their service with multiple websites and I am very happy with it. I recommend them to everyone I know.”

- Alex Carroll, Best-Selling Author

“I’ve been hired to create traffic for some of the biggest online companies around and I only recommend to my clients and colleagues. There are no substitutes … only compromises.”

- Jim Maddox, President

“If you expect to make any money on the Internet, it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you automate as much as you can. goes way beyond what others are doing. It automates the entire process, not just the shopping cart but also affiliate program, autoresponder, tracking, popups, broadcast, etc. As a result of combining all of this functionality from one vendor, you are able to do things you could never do without spending a fortune on software development. Their service is a bargain, no doubt. But it’s real value is in it’s ability to automate your Internet business like no other company can.”

- Carl Galletti, President