Automate Your Email Marketing

Stay connected with your customers and prospects automatically with built-in email marketing software from TotalBusinessCart

  • Send email broadcasts and newsletters
  • Create unlimited autoresponder series
  • Build and manage your client lists
  • Segment lists for targeted campaigns
  • Track campaigns with built-in reporting
  • Choose a professionally designed template or provide your own

Send messages. Receive orders.

The most cost-effective way to gain new leads, increase sales, nurture customer relationships, and generate repeat business is with email marketing.

With TotalBusinessCart‘s email marketing tools, you’ll never fall out of touch with your customers and prospects. And because this email marketing software is integrated directly into the shopping cart and order management system, managing every aspect of an online business has never been easier.

TotalBusinessCart‘s email marketing tools give you two powerful ways to communicate with your customer and lead base. First, you can send targeted, one-time marketing messages or newsletters through the email broadcast capability. Second, the autoresponder software from TotalBusinessCart allows you to create an unlimited about of autoresponder series based on specific products or points in the customer life-cycle. With built-in design and tracking tools, you can create attractive, compelling messages and measure their success.